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What can we do to learn once more to take control of our lower mind and restore a trait-d’union in us through what is left of our spiritual feminine, so as to develop her divine powers again?

One idea is to start looking at ourselves while driving our car and, when we realize that we have been sucked into our thoughts, we should try to stay present to ourselves and carefully observe the road and what we are really doing.
At first you will find that it is not so easy to stay out of your thoughts for a long time, because they are greedy and they want to absorb you within themselves to eat up your energy and time. But you don’t have to lose heart and should continue this exercise until you realize that you are controlling your lower mind thoughts and not the opposite.

At this point it means that you have managed to create a point of awareness in the material reality that you are living in and you have done a great job! Now you are ready to face other life situations in which you have been like an unconscious robots lost in your thoughts up until now.

Remember to always keep in mind the Point of Awareness developed with the exercises on your car. This Point must always remain active even if you are doing another exercise or activity.

The fact that we descendants are born depleted of our divine feminine spiritual does not give us the right to stay inside the animal mind to nourish it as we have done so far. It’s our duty, for our own love and for those who have fought and been defeated, to develop again our spiritual feminine, which belongs to us as a divine right given to us by our Creators.

If you questions, or want to tell mi about the exercises , You can write to me.

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