The Awakening of the Feminine: from the Animal Mind to spiritual consciousness

Seminar held by Fiorella Rustici and Patrizia Scanu – 8 February 2020


Seminar by Fiorella Rustici and Patrizia Scanu If today's society had been formed on values of love, cooperation, equity, justice and well-being of the citizen, values not at all unknown but related to imaginaries attributed to utopian idealisms, we would probably live in a reality very different from the current one, built instead on competitive, individualistic, material and predatory values. Today optimistically we want to evaluate how these values could take over, overturning the scenario to which we are sadly, resignedly and passively accustomed, if we decide to move towards a change that we have never dared to imagine and even less to implement. The course aims to explain how, during the evolution of our human animal species, our brain developed initially preparing to face situations of survival, of hierarchical aggregation from the pack to evolve, in the last phase, towards a more conscious observation capacity that could develop virtues and knowledge. Becoming aware of the automatisms of the animal mind and recognizing in us the part of Consciousness is the first step to regenerate the spiritual Feminine suppressed over the millennia, which we need to regain our balance and our integrity as humanity, to be able to create a higher reality spiritually for ourselves and the society in which we live.



When: 8 February 2020
Duration: one day
Hours: from 10.00 to 17 with lunch
Place: Milano, Vle. Zugna Cones 5/A


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