Fiorella Rustici’s Method®.

In the Method that bears his name, registered at the Community level, Fiorella Rustici collects the results of his research begun in 1978, on how the mind works in relation to consciousness and its spiritual potential. A research that is still progressing today to produce new knowledge that will engage an evolutionary potential in our human animal species, at least for those who will use it concretely in life.

The lack of development of conscience spiritual potentialities in the human animal species has forced us for a long time to adapt to the environment in order to survive and has made us accumulate many emotional conflicts, which have progressively led our species to use and strengthen the lower animal mind. This has prevented human beings from developing a conscious awareness on how the mind works in its opposite meanings of existence (good, bad, beautiful, ugly, …), on how to adapt the environment to oneself during life and on how to die in a conscious way.

The mind is composed of layers of energy that are transformed through mechanisms that are equal to all individuals. Energy registers itself and its experiences as it exists and, from that moment on, it continuously repeats them as such. We find this mental mechanic in the human being when his brain mind records his experiences, and when he copies those lived by others (that already recorded by their mind). Then mind, whenever it recognizes something similar to the recorded or copied experience in the environment, automatically repeats it. Recording (or copying) is the mental mechanics that, continuously repeating itself, creates an automatic mental pattern without any conscience. Mental mechanics are the basis for everything that makes up our existence and they work for everyone in the same way. In my book “Make the Mind work well”, Fiorella Rustici analyzes how the mind works by describing its main mechanics, which intervene in our daily lives and that we passively experience, if we are not aware of them.

Thus it happens that, for example, when a person in a situation experiences fear, this episode is recorded by his cerebral mind (the neurons) with all emotions, thoughts and images that the person has felt and created in that moment. Unknowingly, every time he experiences other situations as a result of which he feels insecure or not ready, his mind will bring up the same fear emotional content, with thoughts and images he has previously experienced, adding that emotional content to the present situation. The past thus repeats itself in very different situations of life with the same content of fear, the same thoughts and images linked to it, and the person reproduces the content of his mind, if his conscience, the only one capable of stopping the mental mechanism, is not present and alert. When instead it is present, the conscience realizes that it is not natural to always duplicate the same fears with the same thoughts and images attached, that it is not normal to always react in the same way! So it begins to differentiate between himself and his mind and, with the appropriate knowledge, can understand why his mind today has developed this fear, thoughts and images, which may not even belong to his experiences.

The method allows the person to develop an individual consciousness through mental mechanics knowledge and understanding, which empower him to detach himself from mind contents identification. Consciousness, in fact, has the intrinsic capability to observe and to be here-and-now, therefore to live the reality of life without altering it and to make right, ethical and responsible choices for oneself and for others. Consciousness can grow in its spiritual potential and it is capable of creating its own positive scale of values ​​that has love, ethics, responsibility and justice at the top. This allows to instinctively distinguishing what is right from what is wrong and immediately find creative solutions to problems, which make it feel good, raise its self-esteem and make it happy. As a result, the people around it will benefit from its spiritual growth reached by its right actions towards them and by observing an example that one can be and do something different than using only the lower animal mind.

When the person does not develop or use his conscience potential and does not create his own scale of values, he repeats like a biological robot the mental patterns with their emotional, thoughts and images contents. In his unconsciousness he inappropriately communicates and acts, he doesn’t do what is necessary, he is incapable of understanding things, he makes mistakes and incorrect actions, he creates emotional conflicts in others and in himself, he fills himself and others with negative thoughts and emotions. He is arid, vindictive and cares only about his needs but without real love for himself, others, other species and the environment. A robot without conscience more and more transformed by its low animal instincts not only in its actions but also in its emotional, thoughts and images contents (wickedness, envy, anger, hatred, desire for revenge, slander, conflict, …).When he suffers the effects of the lower animal mind and its destructive emotional energy content, the method allows the person to see and understand, with an effective and non-invasive technique, what kind of energetic monstrosities he puts into existence and the damage it creates both to people this monstrosity is addressed to and to himself and humanity, since we are all connected as a species. It also allows him to improve his state of psychophysical well-being by knowing which types of energy both he and others produce in the non-appearance [1] with the lower animal mind. Thus he can learn not to be affected and therefore to be more aware, he can act by a scale of developed positive values​​ to restore justice where, with his actions, words, conflicts and attitudes he has previously destroyed.

The method allows us to know and understand how the paternal and maternal genetic mind, inherited from conception, works in people’s life. Genetic mind does not only concern biological inheritance understood as the transmission of anatomical, physiological and pathological characteristics, but also and above all parents and ancestors’ mental content. Most of recorded memories in this mind are composed of already dead and still alive ascendants’ positive and negative experiences, therefore their lives and deaths experiences in which we find recorded their positivity and negativity, their morality and spirituality, knowledge, many ways of reacting to life situations (including wars and natural disasters), fears, failures, victories, abilities, emotional conflicts experienced, incorrect actions, created monstrosities, beautiful things done, good and positive thoughts, etc …
Genetic mind is hidden in the unconscious and is not easily discovered. It is devious because it imposes its contents on the brain according to what the person experiences in the present time. Thus, usually totally unaware, the person nourishes with his vital energy his neurons, which duplicate these genetic memories in his present as if they were his own experiences and which then he is forced to repeat continuously without noticing anything, and to live unhappy lives that never change. It is important to train conscience to know the genetic mind. With the method, the person sees both his own memories and the ones contained in his ancestors’ memories, which are the basis of his fears, incapacity to make decisions, difficulties in sexual life, couple relationships, work and self-esteem which are all repeated continuously, and furthermore sense of guilt, being presumptuous or envious, feeling anger towards a parent or child. In doing so he can understand all the times he has repeated the genetic experience in his present life and what negative consequences this has brought about in his existence: he can detach the mental connections and transform these negative energies into positive so that the consciousness will come out strong and aware of how the genetic mind works. In fact, in looking at genetic memories, the person’s conscience has the possibility to see and understand not only ancestors’ life but also their death, what a part of their soul has encountered in the various dimensions of death and what effects these connections with these dimensions have caused in the person’s everyday life.
Fiorella Rustici’s method® allows everyone to know the ugliest and negative parts in which their consciousness have identified life after life, and to discover how the lack of knowledge of lower animal and genetic mind mental mechanics, which regulate life and death, have led us to be a very spiritually degraded human animal species. Fiorella Rustici has therefore chosen to guide people to work on their negative parts, those that create suffering and pain, ugliness and stupidity, with the aim to transform these energies and to connect them both to the positive energies of the abilities that people already have, and to those genetic ancestors’ memories who developed their consciousness positive energy in their lives or in death dimension.
Through mental mechanics knowledge and study, the method helps to consciously experience again our history starting from the first universe or Universal Mind, passing through the first Big Bang and the other progressive Universal Minds with their related explosions, until we come to observe how today the artificial holographic structure, in which we are or we believe to be, works. It will be possible to see the different worlds in the structure, the dimensions and the different races that live with different energetic characteristics and contents even opposed to each other, the Worlds Creators and the consequences of their actions, controls used on species like ours, the law of Karma, past genetic and non-genetic lives, parallel bodies and more.

The method brings together techniques that, using knowledge of how the mind works in creating and storing events recording, allow the person to remember these records, without the use of hypnosis, and to see how they interact on his apparent reality and non-apparent duality in which he lives. With knowledge and understanding of how the mind works the person’s conscience evolves and, as it becomes aware, it develops its spiritual potentials by living life more and more self led.
The method is taught in residential courses and internships, as well as in individual and personalized spiritual awareness programs. A first interview with Fiorella Rustici on one’s own life needs (conflicts, problems, desires for self-knowledge, …) is used to set the following awareness interviews contents that will lead the person to observe mental mechanics functioning encountered in everyday life and conscious and unconscious memories, both recent and remote. Each program proceeds in progressive steps, generally starting from genetic mind to arrive at deeper mental layers and further knowledge contents.
In the awareness talks the person has the possibility to consciously see the images and memories of present life and ancestors’ past, that his mind suggests as an answer to specific questions on problems or situations he wants to solve. It is the person who, looking at his own memories, makes liaisons with his present life and understands how his mind worked in those situations, thus transforming the negative energies contained in past records into positive energies and becoming more and more aware. The method allows the individual to understand the causes of problems, fears or other difficult situations without someone else telling him why he suffers for those particular difficulties or incapacities. In fact, nobody but him can really know his experiences as they are. This makes the individual’s consciousness more active as he develops a greater ability to make connections between past memories and his present life.

[1] Non-appearance is made of everything that exists and is created, which is formed by vibratory frequencies that our the eyes cannot perceive and therefore they do not allow us to see.