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The dimensional door that opens in front of Ugo – the first character of the novel in the last stretch of his earthly journey, makes him live the encounter between the two souls that together constitute him as an individual: the animal soul linked to the body and the soul of consciousness, disconnected from matter and from the body itself. The two begin to dialogue and embark on a journey of initiation in the body in which the soul of consciousness plays the role of guide and the protagonist becomes aware of movements that he had little considered or completely neglected during life.Retracing his earthly existence becomes the starting point to realize what happens with death and what exists next.

In the course of the narration we therefore witness an initiation into the mysteries of the soul, the afterlife, the higher consciousness and the non-human dimensions, whose meaning for the protagonist can be summarized as follows: his conscience has given him the awareness necessary to read the meanings of what he has observed, and he has understood that he has been ensnared in a magic that is made unconsciously on all of us since childhood and that makes us live inside small and insignificant human lives. Unless, one understands during the reading, one takes responsibility for one's own manifold spiritual and material nature, human and non-human. The encounters, visions, extrasensory, paranormal or mystical experiences of the journey that takes place on a level that is not only concrete and material help in this.

"Impossible" dialogues, visions, apparitions, dreamlike moments contribute to the construction of a visionary and ambitious work, which is born from the experience of near-death lived in the first person by the author but in which there are, by assonance, references to philosophical, literary, religious and spiritual models ranging from the Divine Comedy to the Apocalypse of John, passing through the visionary style of Coleridge in works such as Rime of Ancient Mariner or Kubla Khan.

A novel full of sudden dialogues, poetic digressions, descriptions, narrated moments and spaces for reflection, the result of which is a stream of consciousness deliberately devoid of banks that leaves you breathless for surprise. A text for initiates, perhaps, or more simply for those interested in a thought, a philosophy of life, a message of hope, strength and spirituality.

Basic Mental Mechanics and more.

How memories, recorded within the mind, interfere with your current life and choices.

This book will guide you in the observation and analysis of your life from a completely new perspective: the knowledge and functioning of Mental Mechanics. You will finally understand what genetic memories are and how they interact with your life, and with the help of practical exercises, you will be able to modify the one that harms you. Learn the secrets of this new knowledge and you will discover:

– the influence of past lives and genetic memories in your life choices;

– the laws according to which the character of an individual is formed and how they can be transformed into negative traits of each one into positive;

– the great power of ethical action and how to save one's guilt;

– how to defend against one's own negativity and external negativity;

– the experience of recovering Love and Dignity as Spiritual Beings, through Understanding;

– how to be happy recovering harmony and balance with yourself.

A book for those who seek the causes and are not content to temporarily and partially eliminate the symptoms of their spiritual malaise; for those who want to free themselves from the blocks of the past and begin to consciously create their own future. A book to take back what you deserve: YOURSELF, LOVE, JOY AND THE HAPPINESS OF BEING AND LIVING

Can you live a relationship of couple, heterosexual or homosexual, constructive and evolutionary?

Yes, provided that we know the functioning of the genetic mind and the mental mechanics that lead us to repeat in the couple the negative experiences lived by our parents and ancestors.

Thanks to this book you will discover:

  • how our sexual pleasure is linked to the act of our conception;
  • how to deal with a betrayal within an evolutionary relationship;
  • the 4 rules to maintain intimacy with your partner;
  • what causes a conception without orgasm;
  • how to be conscious parents;
  • what consequence does an abortion have on the new child;
  • how to deal with sexual violence;
  • how to recognize sex flows and the non-apparent energy sexual ample;
  • how to learn to love and fill the void of love that is within us without stealing energy from our partner;
  • how to erase mental models that provoke childish attitudes;
  • how to avoid falling into the mechanics of illness or self-harm to get the love of the partner through his guilt and … so many other things yet.

Practical tips to evolve, before, during and after the x hour.

Thanks to the experience of predeceased that she has lived and decades of working with people, the Author gives advice on how to help those who are going to die, so that she can perform, in the time of life that remains, the right actions to recharge energy and acquire serenity and peace with her conscience.

The book explains how to overcome mourning and the importance of not crying our loved one too long not to harm his soul with our pain. It introduces useful knowledge about how energies present in cemeteries harm our body and consciousness, also advancing practical indications to cleanse us of the energies of death when we come into contact with them.

Accompany the reader in observing how the genetic mind works and the trans emigration of the memories of those who die in the minds of their descendants. He teaches what to tell the person who will die, and then to his soul just out of the body; finally, it describes what happens to the person and his soul, or astral form before, during and after the death of the body, when the positive and evolved parts of the soul spiritually, through the Tunnel of Light, meet the beings who lead them into the upper worlds, while the soul parts connected to the animal and demonic inferior mind cross the Tunnel of Darkness and the Lower Dimensions.

An extraordinary journey to discover our origins, until the moment when, from a state of lack of energy, came to light the First Universal Mind, the first Black Hole and then the Big Bang, from which the Second Mind was born.

Thanks to her intense research, the experience of enlightenment lived and the application of a particular technique of inner investigation that leads her to live a state of primary consciousness, Fiorella Rustici – spiritual researcher who over thirty years investigates the mysteries of mind and conscience – goes back in these pages to the events from which everything originated. From the moment of the birth of our existence, up to the dimension in which we live today, detached from the source, mostly unaware dominated by Mental Mechanics.

At the beginning, when energy began to observe its work, consciousness was formed and then the first concepts, thoughts and images. Paradise was then a "school of spiritual elevation", until the Black Hole turned it into Hell and its monstrous creations, Universes succeeded each other over time and, after seven Big Bangs, the Pulsating Light appeared: the Being from which the Spiritual Hierarchies, the Creators of Worlds, the Angels and other forms of energy appeared.

As Dante did, she explores and describes different dimensions, in which she meets the Builders, the Celestial Beings, and their offspring. The interpretations of the Genetic Mind and parallel bodies complete what is undoubtedly one of fiorella rustici's richest and most fascinating works

If with his previous volumes Fiorella Rustici had introduced us to applied philosophy (Cancer of Being – 1989) and pure philosophy (Karma as Spiritual Defeat – 1991), with the latter text clarifies us and mental mechanics of energy from a philosophical-scientific point of view.

Energy is the subject of the text. Its origin and its development from the most etheree and impalpable manifestations to the most evident and material ones. Energy as the primary cause but above all as a limit when the mental mechanics of the same are not known. And this is precisely the merit of the Author: to provide the explanations of the "why" energy has always been the undisputed "Master" of both life and death, requiring all the Awareness trapped in it to succumb, existence after existence, inexorably.

How our spiritual consciousness has been transformed into matter, genetic line and mental consciousness, past deaths and parallel bodies, how and why the reincarnation cycle works, how our body's artificial DNA and RNA are born, how the brain works, and what its task is, what it means for a spiritual consciousness to deny itself thus arriving at its own suicide, DNA/RNA in relation to genetics in relation to the intelligence of the person.

These are just a few hints that these pages explain to us. A condensation of knowledge, dense lines of understanding that force even the most skeptical reader to understand. A treatise that briefly exposes deep and never known concepts, which could be the right starting step for all those researchers who finally wanted to find the appropriate solutions to the evils of our day.

 Book out of print ask the author Fiorella Rustici.

This book describes the primary cause that gave rise to the Spiral of Existence, where at first it was born with characteristics of Love, Joy, Life and Light and at the same time ended up in its opposites of Hatred, Pain, Death and Darkness. How the absence of concepts at the beginning created in Existence the concepts and how these created the Builders and the first races, why Paradise was born and what was its task. What was the accident that caused the BigBang or Black Hole that destroyed Existence and how from this chaos life was reformed in a new universe, where before there was Existence. Mental mechanics that regulate Karma before the explosion and after are also examined. What happens to the Spirit or Soul Being every time his body dies and finds himself in the area between the lives, the different species of entities he encounters and how these, assaulting him, make him unconscious. What are the mental mechanics that keep a person tied to other bodies at the same time, without her being aware of them and more.



Book out of print ask the author Fiorella Rustici.

The mind-food relationship is the first book that deals with the reasons for our food choices starting from a model of analysis of the functioning of the mind different from that of psychology and psychoanalysis. The text explains how mental patterns that replace consciousness in managing food and behavioral choices are born and reveals how these are almost always determined by the physiological functioning of the mind and not by particular pathologies. The approach to food problems, therefore, does not necessarily have to be clinical but educational. The book answers the most frequent questions about eating habits such as: how to fight "bad" habits? Why do particular emotional and survival conflicts affect food choices? How are experiences at different stages of life, from conception to old age, so instrumental in creating problems with food? How to know the deepest reasons for common attachments to food and drink? What new solutions can be offered to those who suffer from the most serious and widespread eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, obesity)? The author wants to offer a new and powerful tool of knowledge for the benefit of those who intend to overcome their love / hate towards food, re-educating themselves and helping others to solve the existential discomfort that hides behind every form of addiction or food aberration.

The Entanglement phenomenon represents the most shocking aspect ever discovered by quantum physics today, and seems to involve not only elementary particles, but also the macroscopic and psychic world.

The author, using clear language accessible to all, guides us on an exciting journey through the world's laboratories and research centers, where some of the greatest human scientific adventures are taking place, in an engaging crescendo that takes us from the microscopic world of photons and electrons, to the mysteries of DNA, brain and consciousness , up to psychic phenomena and those of collective consciousness.

A single synchronous physical mechanism seems to unite all these phenomena, where particles, matter and consciousness merge into a single olgorac reality, making concrete and explainable phenomena such as telepathy, teleportation, precognition, remote vision and psychokinesis.


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