Choose your next life – Theoretical part

How to Change Your Karma at the Time of Death – Advanced Course

The cycle of rebirths has always been a mental program in which souls have found themselves living many lives, without ever consciously remembering what they had done positive and negative, what knowledge they had acquired life after life and the degree of spiritual evolution achieved.

Our bodies, as they are genetically structured both physically (DNA) and mentally, have led our race, for a long time, to become more and more material and less spiritual. This, as the course describes in detail, was and still is, a great spiritual defeat because consciousness, when it comes out with its astral form at the death of the body, is not aware of what it creates at that moment and does not even know that what it creates will become its future karma.
The result of this unconsciousness are life situations in which the individuals and cultures that populate the Planet do not evolve, but degrade, because our animal mind has taken over the spiritual one.
In this course it is explained that we do not have one soul, but many, that is, the souls of the genetic line that everyone carries in himself from birth, and it is observed how they intervene in life making us live moments of glory and others of failure.
We study what consciousness is, how the animal part of the person creates its own "energy monsters", where these are deposited in our aura and how the positive entities we create and the souls of the deceased who want to help us very often cannot be close to us.
It also describes both what sees the consciousness of the astral form at the death of the body, in the form of a film of one's own life, and both the dynamics that come into play at that moment between all the souls that form the genetic line and their conflicts between being and not being, doing and not doing, having and not having.
It delves into how consciousness creates its own karma or "future of punishments and positive actions to be received in a later life," and explains why seeing the physical body dead blocks it.
The karma that creates the DNA of the physical body and how its aura is formed is also described.
It is explained how disembodied spirits living in the lower dimensions of death are recalled in séances, in magic, when a person is angry or feels hatred, envy, fear, does negative and harmful actions towards others or himself.
And, finally, it highlights what consciousness must do consciously at the death of one's body to change its karma from negative to positive and what are the differences in the case of following a spiritual path.

Who is it for:
The course is aimed exclusively at those who have already attended the "Death and Surroundings" course.

Duration of the course: 2 days: from h 10.00 to h 13.00 and from h 14.30 to h 17.00Sed
: at Studio Olistico – Viale Coni Zugna, 5/a – Milan – MM2 Sant'AgostinoRegistrations
: by midnight on the Thursday before the date of the course.
For more information: call us at 339-1907714 or contact us with an email

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*This course has 2 practical advanced levels that are repeated each in 5 cycles of encounters, to understand well how the mind works with demonic entities and more in the various layers in which the program of the law of Karma for each of us takes place. The practical part is not open to everyone.

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