Why consciousness forgets its true spiritual power

In this course we analyze the Mental Mechanics that led consciousness to perceive and then to feel its presence. This perceiving and feeling has given rise to the mind of consciousness, which encompasses the characteristics of existence that it has given itself.

When these characteristics collapse, consciousness experiences emotional conflicts that give rise both to more or less long existential crises, and to reject that experience that created conflict, making it remain within the emotions it has experienced.

And as today in our dimension this mechanism of conflicts of consciousness is still active, although much more spiritually degraded than at the origins.

So many conflicts that the consciousness lives today that lead it to alter the reality of life that it is living, not only during life but also when it dies and its astral form goes to the astral worlds …

And more…

Course duration 1 Day: 10,00/13,00 – 14.30/17,30

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