When the Creator of Worlds ceased to be the Demiurge Wizard

The positive and evolutionary spiral structure in which the worlds and spiritual dimensions are located is maintained by the energies and sounds of a pulsating light, which continuously nourishes it.
From this pulsating light are born powerful Beings of Light, Creators of worlds and all that exists within them.

Each Creator uses his powerful creative mind and through IMAGINATION creates his worlds and beings and everything that lives in them, expressing in this the perfection with which he was born.

In the presence of the light that pulsates, the mother who generated him and to whom he brings his worlds in vision, they are always imperfect and this creates great conflicts for the Creator in which he feels imperfect and that lead him first to create the angelic hierarchies that help him to make that world perfect, and then to abandon it when, as Creator, he can no longer bear to see his imperfection.

The decadence of the creator mind of the Creator is evident when he begins to create material worlds, which lead him to create opposites and to break up inside the first most material world and to become the divine spark within each of us and in all that exists … and many other things.

Duration of the course: 2 days1: from h 10.00 to h 13.00 and from h 14.30 to h 17.00 of both days.
Location: at Studio Olistico – Viale Coni Zugna, 5/a – Milan – MM2 Sant'AgostinoRegistrations
: by midnight on the Thursday before the date of the course.
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*On the Creator of Worlds, not included in this course, there are other levels of Knowledge that describe the Artificial Structure in which we also live. Teachings not open to all.

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