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Taking care of the soul of those who are leaving us before and after the exit from the dead body, and of those who remain.

In the most painful and difficult moments of life, when you have to assist a seriously ill acquaintance or suffer the loss of a person dear to us, you live the impotence of not knowing what to do. Often the news catches us unprepared, both in terms of the interaction with the emotional aspect of the person who is facing this experience, and in the pain we live for our loss or helplessness in the face of the disease.
The in-depth knowledge of the researcher Fiorella Rustici – acquired thanks to the experience of pre-death experienced firsthand – will help people to find the strength, energy and balance necessary in this delicate area so as not to be overwhelmed by pain and to give the right support to the sick person, so that he lives a separation from the most serene physical body. Part of the course is dedicated to advice on useful communications and practical actions to do both to be close to a person close to death and to overcome a bereavement of a loved one and a loved one.


Duration of the course – 1 Day: Sunday from h 10.00 to h 13.00 and from h 14.30 to h 17.30Sestablis
: at Studio Olistico – Viale Coni Zugna, 5/a – Milan – MM2 Sant'AgostinoRegistrations
: by midnight on the Thursday before the date of the course.
For more information: call us at 339-1907714

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