About me

Origin and motivation of research on how the mind works

Founder of the Counseling Method that bears my name, I was born in 1955 in Campiglia Marittima (LI) and I started my independent research on the functioning of the mind in relation to spiritual consciousness in 1978, while I was still working in hospital as a Technician in Radiology.
My motivation for conducting this research came right at work when, in contact with terminally ill patients, I talked to them while radiographs were being developed or while they were waiting for the nurse to return to their department. I listened to them in their not only physically but also spiritually suffering, due to the strong awareness that their conscience1 had developed as their body deteriorated energetically and they realized that up to that moment they had lived with an anesthetized consciousness. This happened because they saw their memories in a different way and really then only distinguished, just a few months before their death, the right things from the wrong ones they had done during their lifetime. This also sent me into a crisis, because I then already knew that it is the unconscious mind with its mechanisms that prevents consciousness from developing during a healthy life.

Living with our awake consciousness and able to hold the reins of our lives

The strong existential crises due to the crumble of the illusions that these patients had created for themselves in life and that had not allowed their conscience to come out, together with the awareness of not having enough time and energy to mend the situations in their life, gave rise to a very strong pain which I perceived and that made me feel unable to help them. I found it unfair that this development of the level of awareness took place in the human consciousness only near death, when it would have been important for this to happen before, throughout the whole of life, so that we could live with an awake and conscious conscience, with serenity, love, ethics, responsibility and justice towards oneself and others.

What are mental mechanics and why it is useful to know them

I had already experienced some episodes in my life that had made me aware of the importance of knowing how the mind works, because I realized that we tend to always repeat the same behaviors and attitudes and to reproduce the same situations and the same conflicts, as well as to have the same failures.
Strengthened by this intuition, I started doing research in an applied form on how the multiple laws of mental energy work, identifying a certain number of them. I then coded them giving a name to each one of them and explaining how they work, and I also defined them with the collective term “mental mechanics” 2. This way I laid the foundations to be able to transmit the results of my studies: in fact, just like there are physical, chemical and biological laws, there also are laws of mental energy that I decided to call “mental mechanics” to emphasize that, like all laws, they can be observed in their functioning and effects they produce. This knowledge is therefore immediately usable in any form by anyone.
The first mental mechanic I studied was the one about illusions that collapse in particular moments of our life, as it develops and influences us throughout our entire period of existence.
Knowing mental mechanics allows us as our conscious part to realize, at any time, if and when they are activated in our daily life, and – as each of them produces results that are always the same and therefore not suited to the diversity and specificity of the situations we live – to intervene to decide our actions without being influenced by the mechanics themselves.

Mental mechanics have stratified over time

My research did not stop at the discovery of mental mechanics that function and are activated during the day and thoroughly described in the book Straighten Up Your Mind, but it has gone deeper, since I had also already understood that mind is much older than what you could imagine. I described the result of my research on the deep past in my book And God created the Mind, a more complex text than the others: starts from energy put into existence and birth of first mental mechanics, which gave rise to the first Universal Mind until the first Big Bang and the following ones, to arrive to the present day.

The birth of the Fiorella Rustici’s® Counseling Method

In 1980’s, I also experienced a pre-death experience that allowed me to understand firsthand how an individual who is about to die feels and how he can be helped. I have described a part of what I understood in the book Death and surroundings, in which there are many indications to assist those who are about to leave us and overcome their grief.

In 1986 I started to give an organized structure to the results of my research which, over time, resulted in the Fiorella Rustici’s Method®: a completely original counseling tool with regular registration at the competent office of the European Union, that I spread with residential courses and internships, holding conferences, participating in Italian and international conventions. I also deliver, both directly and through people that I specifically formed, individual awareness talks through which people can observe the functioning of mental mechanics and the content of their conscious and unconscious memories, recent and remote.


I wrote the following books:

• Straiten Up Your Mind (Macro Editions, 2003), which describes how to take our choices in hand and make our daily behaviors more aware by identifying and stopping the most pervasive mental mechanics;
• How Genetic Mind affects couple’s relationships (Macro Edizioni, 2010), which focuses on how to become aware of mechanics triggered by our family and couple relationship, in order to live according to our desires;
• Dying without Fear (Hermes Edizioni, 2005), which illustrates which mental mechanics characterize the terminal period of our life cycle in order to help those approaching the moment of transition and then overcome mourning;
• Death and Surroundings. Practical advice to evolve, before, during and after X hour (Hermes Edizioni, 2014), which is the updated edition of Dying Without Fear;
• Genetic Mind and Spiritual Consciousness (Edizioni ATC, 1995), which observes in detail the relationship between our spiritual consciousness on one hand, and the consciousness and mind we inherit from our parents and ancestors (genetics) on the other;
• And God created the Mind (Macro Editions, 2008), in which mental mechanics are described in a chronological perspective (which were born before and how they laid the foundations for the following ones, and which developed later), and also the birth of consciousness;
• Karma as a spiritual defeat (Edizioni ATC, 1991), precursor for And God created the Mind.
• Cancer of Being (Edizioni ATC, 1989), precursor for Straiten Up Your Mind.

1 Definition of “spiritual consciousness” and “awareness” (from book Straighten Up Your Mind). Given that in the Italian language both words consciousness and awareness are often used as synonyms, it is appropriate to specify the meaning that Fiorella Rustici gives them in her research. By “conscience” we mean the most ethereal part of the astral form mind, capable of perceiving situations and concepts even without the specific knowledge of how the mind works (the astral form is the subtle energetic body, distinct from the physical body, which comes out when this dies). By “awareness” she means instead conscience capacity to understand by observing the functioning of the mind in life and in relation to itself consciousness. Every time conscience understands something in this sense it creates moments of awareness.

2 Definition of mental mechanics (from book How Genetic Mind conditions couple’s relationships): “Every experience lived by matter and energy, and therefore also by human beings, is recorded in form of a copy inside our mind. Every time it recognizes something similar to the copied experience in the environment, mind then automatically repeats it. The copy is the mental mechanic that, repeating itself continuously, creates an automatic mental pattern without any conscience. Mental mechanics are the basis of everything that makes up our existence and work for everyone in the same way. In book Straighten Up Your Mind Fiorella Rustici analyzes how the mind works by describing its main mechanics, which intervene in our daily lives and which we regularly experience if we do not know them ”.